Saturday, September 1, 2007


The internet is a powerful thing. It makes people more open than they would usually be. We will put information out there in the world wide web to be captured. I captured something yesterday. I did a search of my sugar daddy's name and ended up at his wife's myspace page. She's a pretty lady. Nothing wrong with her as far as looks. A couple of things struck me as odd though. Her location is NY. She is an unsigned singer, her album just released this month. She makes no mention of her family on the site, but it is a marketing page for her album, so why should she.

It leaves me wondering...did they grow apart when she started working on her music? Did she loose weight and out grow him? Did she stay behind in NY? Did she go to NY to work on her music? Are they even still together?

Also in my search I learned the names of his entire immediately family and came across his wedding photo.

I now understand when he said it's not her, it's me. He just can't keep it at home.

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