Saturday, August 18, 2007

Meet My Sugar Daddy

I met my sugar daddy through a popular sugar daddy dating site. I signed up as kind of an experiment. I wasn't sure I really wanted a sugar daddy. Just thought it might solve my various financial problems. After a couple of days a black 6ft 220 lb lawyer with a salary between 100,000-200,000 contacted me. We emailed back and forth. We talked on the phone. I loved his voice. We set a date to meet and talked about my allowance and other needs. He told me he just needed intimacy twice a week in exchange.

On our first meeting I wasn't nervous until I got to the restaurant at which he chose to meet. Up until that point I felt really secure in my decision. I felt sure that he was a real person, who would fulfill his part of the arrangement. I felt confident that I could fulfill mine. Rolling into the parking lot, my tummy began to turn over and I thought I might become sick. I put on my sunglasses that I was planning to wear throughout the entire date, in case he was a pain to look at. As I looked for a space, I saw him walking toward the entrance. I couldn't see details, but I could see that he was not extremely overweight. So I was pleased and my fears started to subside. He noticed me staring and stopped to follow me. After parking, I stepped out of my small SUV wearing my 3 inch platform sandals, stretch jeans, and gold sleevless v neck top. He stopped in his tracks, apparently taken aback by my appearance. He lifted his sunglasses, "Wow! You are beautiful." The first thing I noticed was his eyes. They were soft and engaging. His teeth were white and straight, one of my requirements for intimacy I listed on my profile. He was not a monster. I hugged him and he pulled me in close. He stared at me. I thought he wasn't going to let me go. I asked if we were going to go eat cause I was hungry. He grabbed my hand, "We don't have to. I'm hungry but not for food." What a corny line I thought, but he was old school so it wasn't so bad. I told him I didn't want to fall in my heels. He looked down at my feet. "How tall are they?" I didn't know, but I knew he liked them.

Once inside he asked the host for a non-smoking booth, "You're pictures don't do you justice." I thanked him for his compliments. We sat and ate and talked. That's when I noticed his left ring finger was wrapped in a thick gold band. I knew he had to be married. We never talked after hours or on weekends. He said he and his wife were not intimate and were just staying together for their child. I didn't mind. I have been the other woman before. It's a role that I am comfortable with especially in this arrangement. As long as I am protected from her.

After our discussion, we went back to my apartment. I probably shouldn't allow a stranger in my home, but I was in an especially trusting mood. I put on some music, the same music I had put on a cd for him. We kissed, stripped off our clothes, he ate me out, I returned the favor and we had sex. We used protection of course. He is a very good lover and not afraid to express his enthusiasm, which I love. I enjoy immediate feedback. We laid together a while. His phone had been going off the entire time, so I knew he needed to get back to his office soon. As I got dressed he reached into his wallet and placed my allowance underneath my laptop. We kissed goodbye and planned to meet again before the weekend.

He gave me a bigger allowance than I had asked for. I guess I was more than he expected, a pleasant surprise. I was equally impressed. He later texted me, saying he was sprung and that he wanted to take care of me, protect me, be my lover and my man.

Since then we have met again. I got a dvd player and some gas money and he's planning a way to take care of my debt. I have also verified his identity. He gave me a fake last name at first. I google searched a famous case in which he represented the defendent. The first name was the same, but the last name was different. On our last meeting, I asked to see his phone. It had his full name on the screen, which matched the lawyer from the case. Later I looked up his address and work place. He lives in a ritzy neighborhood of million dollar homes and does own his own law firm. Nice to have some confirmation that I've made the right decision.

My goals for this arrangement are to get rid of my credit card debt, live comfortably, get pampered, and be the object and fulfillment of a successful man's desires. I am happy being a sugar baby.

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