Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Daddy?

Wow. Yesterday, I was going into Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy a mattress pad when a guy in an old van stopped to ask for directions to the grocery store. It was like 1/8 mile away but I didn't know which direction. I pointed around the area and told him it was either there or there. He thanked me and I turned to head into the store. "You have a beautiful smile." I turned back around. "Thank you.", I looked straight into his hazel eyes. He was lighted skined with curly hair. Older looking, yet minimal signs of aging. By looks I would estimate his age to be 31. But listening to his voice and conversation I would estimate 42. He looked me up and down. "What are you doing tonight?" "Studying." "You're in school? Where?" I told him. I stood there waiting. "Well if you weren't studying I'd take you out. I'm from out of town, but I'm doing some work here" "I need to go out. That would be nice." I stood there a while staring, waiting. He sat there a while staring, waiting. Nothing. Something was telling me not to let him drive away and something was telling him not to let me walk away. I decided to break the ice. "Well, let me get your number?" "Is it alright if I get yours?" "Sure." He wrote my number on the cover of a yellow folder. We said goodbye.

He called me later that night and I told him I could meet up with him after midnight. We met in the parking lot of his hotel. Now in glow of the parking lot lights he looked especially good. He looked like Terrence Howard to me, so I will call him Flow (from Hustle 'n Flow). He also looked a little like John Legend from some angles. He was just fine all over. My perfect type pretty much. We talked. He told me about his two houses he owns remodeled. He acted as if he was well off with his 3 cars and recent travels to Vegas and plans to go to Panama and London. He told me he would like someone to travel with him. He wanted to show me the special things in life. He's single, never been in jail, and seemingly a genuinely nice guy. It all really sounded to good to be true. I took everything at face value, knowing that his ultimate goal was to fuck me and he would probably say whatever he thought it would take to get me. At the same time I wanted to believe that he was attracted to me and really wanted to pamper me. I wanted to believe that I had met a sugar daddy without searching online. A sugar daddy spotted me and sensed my natural sugar baby abilities? Maybe...

We got touchy feely in the lot and then I invited him back to my apartment, since he was sharing a room with his business associate. Back at my place he put my bed sheets on while I cleaned up a bit. He took off his clothes and laid down. He then called me to bed. I thought that was so cute. I brushed my teeth and slipped into bed next too him. We began kissing almost immediately and ended up fucking. Flow is very well hung. He ranks number 4 in length and tied with Radio in girth. His performance is slightly better than average, but his a comparitively old guy so I have to give it to him.

I like Flow. He got a little lecturey sometimes, which older guys tend to do. But for the most part the conversation was good. I talked to him when he got back to his home town. I heard kids in the background, but I didn't ask about them. He asked me if he could claim me. I said we would talk about it when he came to see me on Sunday. I'm excited about this. I met a sugar daddy without really trying. Hopefully he is legite. I will find out soon. If he comes Sunday and we just spend the day inside sexing, I'll know he's not serious. But if he takes me out and perhaps buys me a little something and we talk more about his traveling plans, I'll be happy with him. And I can put reluctant Sugar Daddy on ice, so he can chill.

Sugar Daddy has finally started acting like he's interested again. I asked him for money to get my hair done and I think he's planning to come over tomorrow to take care of that. We'll see though. He might start having second thoughts again.

Well, things are looking pretty good.

PS Thanks for your comment Prabir!

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