Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So my SD came over today. This was the best session yet. I wore a cute strapless dress from Banana Republic. He loved it, told me I looked sexy, was ready to get down at the door. I gave him a hug and asked him to help me get my new microwave out of my car. He did. Carried it all by himself. My strong sugar daddy.

We kissed. Did it twice in reverse cowgirl, his favorite and partook in his after sex ritual twice. He expressed his admiration throughout. It was great! Afterward he laid my head on his shoulder, I put my leg across his and held him tight. We just laid there for like 15 minutes. I think he wanted to take a nap, but he had to go back to work. We hugged and kissed good bye.

You know, I thought about everything. The information I have on him and the potential contact that I could have with his wife. I made him a mix cd with his wife's song as the last song, unlisted. But I decided not to give it to him and I made him a new one sans his wife. I decided not to say anything to her. Partly because he agreed to meet me this week and partly because it kinda turns me on. To know that I am fucking the husband of this kinda local celebrity singer lady. I know it seems silly maybe sadistic, but I like it. Maybe that's why the sex was so good today. Besides she didn't add me as a friend on myspace. And it wouldn't be right for me to tell her, even if he pissed me off. I couldn't ruin somebody's dream like that. It wouldn't be worth it.

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