Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I haven't written because nothing much is going on and I've been a little depressed.

Flow dissappeared again. I'm not going to call him anymore. If he wants me to be apart of his life he'll find a way to keep me around. I called his phone, it goes straight to voicemail and then says he can't receive messages. I'm tired of trying with him. If he can't keep it together, I don't know what to say.

Radio tried to dissappear. He said so much is going on in his life, he just needed time to chill out. A friend of his was found dead in her home. He doesn't agree with the way his dad is running his home. He said this is why he doesn't want to be in a relationship, because he's got so many issues and stuff going on. I feel bad for him.

I talked to Curve. We are friends again now. Yea!!! He gave me advise about Flow, but I didn't take it. I should have though, I'd feel better right now. He told me I should write in my journal about myself and how I feel, so I can figure out why I operate the way I do.

Sug is coming over tomorrow. I need money and someone to make me feel better.

I think the progesterone in the mini pill is making me sad. If things get better and I still feel this way, I'll know it's the pill. I'm hoping once Flow get's it together and Sug gives me some other stuff I need, I'll be happy and cheerful again.

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