Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

So when I met Flow, I guessed his age to be around 41 based on how he talked.

I got a clue and looked up his criminal record. He said he had never been to jail, but I thought I'd look it up anyway. Well it's true. He has never been to jail, but he has had four misdemeanor charges: a couple of DWIs, possession of cannibis, and damage to property. Not too bad I guess, especially since the latest one, possession of marijuana, was over 8 years ago. But that is not the most shocking info anyway.

See he told me he was 30, even though I told him I thought he was about 41. He explained to me that he was just wise for his age. I told him it didn't matter if he was 50, cause he was cute and young looking.

So I look at this criminal record of this guy with the same name and the same birthday, but different birth year and realize he's exactly the age that I guessed.

I had a special talk with him today about how important it is for him to be honest with me and open up to me about himself and his life. We shared some things with each other. So I feel like he'll be more honest with me from now on.

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