Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stranger things have happened part II

This morning I started waking up, but I was still dreaming. Suddenly I heard my name called out. It was Flow, he wasn't there and he wasn't in my dream. It was just his voice. I woke up and I knew that I would talk to Flow that day. I got up and started writing in my journal. I wrote "He will call". Less than a minute later my phone rang. I knew who it was. I ran. It was his area code. I answered, "Hello?!" He said my name, just as he had said it earlier that morning. His phones were stolen.

I love him. That's it. This is the man for me. We are officially spiritually connected. I'm serious. I'm marrying this guy.

I have decided to tell him about his Sugar Daddiness. I've been hiding it from him, but I think he knows. I think if I tell him about it, he will start to show more of it. Maybe.

I should be revising my paper to turn in at 2 today, but I just want to think about Flow. I love him.

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