Friday, November 2, 2007

That's gonna be my man

I went to see Flow in his home town yesterday. I semi-surprised him. He told me I should come that night and I showed up in the morning. I met him at the hotel and we played around for a couple of hours. He left and told me he would come back later that night after he finished working on a couple of home imporvement projects. Well the hours went by and he still hadn't showed up at 11:45 pm. I was getting mad and decided to go to sleep, but couldn't. I started to cry. I was angry with him. Then my phone rang. It was him. He asked me to come out to the house he was working on.

I drove out to see him. He introduced me to his workers. He let me follow him around while he directed things and put in laminate floors. I thought it was so neat. I even helped him a bit. He worked until 3 am. I feel bad becuase I left with out saying goodbye to him. I thought he was going to come to the hotel. But he never came out and he didn't call. I was so happy that he invited me to see him work, that I didn't get too mad at him for that. He and I were both tired and needed our sleep.

Flow has the prettiest eyes. They are greenish gray and fun to stare into deeply. He's so gentle with his kisses and his touches. I am really feeling him.

I was talking to Radio today. I told him my sister has "psychosocial" issues. He laughed. I think he just had no idea what I meant. He was like "No one has ever used that word before. I'm learning from you. I love to learn new things, whether its words or definitions or technology." I just thought "wow" He didn't even ask what the issues were. We couldn't even get into that cause he couldn't get pass the "new" word.

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