Monday, November 12, 2007


Flow said those three words a girl longs to hear. He said, "I love you" on the phone tonight. I'm pretty elated right now. I feel like running around outside and singing an improv broadway tune/disney movie theme song that would go something like this: "He said 'I love you' 'I love you' 'I love you' Those three words a womans heart longs to know. 'I love you' 'I love you' 'I love you' A phrase that causes a girls face to glow, when she gives her all to a man and he turns to her and says 'I love you' 'I love you' 'I love you.' That's what he said" Flutes, violins, horns. In come the animated birds and butterflies whistling and fluttering. aaaah! so beautiful. so free.

I left him a message like two days ago singing him this Chaka Khan song called "Stay". I actually sang the version by Erykah Badu. He loved it. I felt he needed to hear that song and know that I'm here for him, I know life can be hard and things get tough but with the good Lord guiding our steps life will turn out beautiful for us. That's what I believe the song is about. I think it made him feel better about the whole thing with my sister and with the different issues he faces from time to time.

Yeah, I'm gonna marry him. I am. or maybe I'll eat my words and wish I'd listened to my sister. Either way, I'm still going to be happy right now! WOOOOO!

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