Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Man

I love Flow so much. I went to Charlotte Saturday to see Flow. It didn't start out all that great. He was with his cousin getting his van worked on. Once I got to Charlotte he wasn't able to meet me right away. He had me meet him about an hour after I got there, in the projects where his cousing lived. he sat talking to his cousin for another hour, smoking and drinking beer. I sat in my car, talking to my friend on the phone, spilling the details of this crazy encounter. He called me over to the car, so I could meet his cousin. He also took the time to show me his receipts and contracts for his work, to let me know he was legit I suppose. Then he gave me a copy of a cd by one of the artists he manages and asked me to got listen to it while he finished up with his cousin. After about 15 minutes they started looking like they were about to leave. He put his bag in my car. But then he was like, "I'm going to smoke a little more" So I sat there for another 10 minutes and talked to my friend on the phone. Finally he stepped in my car.

He directed me to where we were going. We were heading toward the Ramada, but then he asked me if I was hungry. I was like "Yes!!!" I thought he'd never ask. So we went to this bar and got drinks and food. We toasted to our first date. He said he felt privledged being next to me. Then he started singing to me freestyle. I thought it was so cute and sweet. We talked about various things. He said one of his buddies wanted him to get into selling weed. I told him he didn't have to do that. He has a legitamite non-illegal way of making money, no need to do that. I'm sure he would make lots of money. Then we discussed how we believe marijuana should be legalized. He ended up telling me that he wanted to take me around the world and basically he was offering me alot. I was like I'm so lucky. We got our tab and he showed it to me and threw down a $100 bill. I was like wow great.

So we ended up not going to Ramada, probably because I was a little more than tipsy and couldn't drive. Somehow my head got in his lap and we ended up at the Garden Inn and Suites. He gave me another $100 bill and I got a room while he parked. The hotel was about half a star up from where we had stayed before. I guess I moved up in his world. That's nice.

Flow is the best. I really love him.

Sug called me Friday night. I have no idea why. I really wanted to be like leave me alone, but I am way too nice. He asked if he could check on me sometime. I told him yeah. He asked if he could come see me. I said no. We are over as far as I am concerned. I'm sure he won't call again. The cheap DVD player he bought me broke, so I returned it.

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