Thursday, December 13, 2007

And out of nowhere...

I was looking over my bank statement on line this morning and I noticed a strange deposit from and account I wasn't familiar with. I started to panic a bit thinking ID theft, but why would a thief give me money. Then I looked at the details of it was from an old flame. He had my account info because I let him borrow some money a long time ago and he payed me back by just depositing the money directly in my account. But he finished paying me back last year. And after he payed me back he stopped calling and stopped answering, so I erased his number from my pone. So why did he put $5 in my account today? I have no idea. Apparently he want to contact me. Well I don't have any other way than to try to go through AIM but he hasn't been on there since like '04. I sent an IM and email. All I can do now is wait.

His nickname is Das Weiner. My cousin and friend made that name up for him when I showed them his house back in under grad. It had a traingular roof like the local Das Weiner drive thru. He was a Navy sailor. I remember two things about Das. 1 he had the biggest dick I'd ever seen. The first time we tried to do it, we couldn't. He was just too big. I brought some lubricant the next time and it was successful, but...and this brings me to the #2 most rememberable thing about...It lasted about 2 minutes if that long. Everytime we did it, it would be over after a couple of minutes. It was dissapointing. I still liked him though. He was a nice guy, but poor. He never took me out and I let him borrow money a couple of times. He paid me back everytime though and he always used condoms.

I met Das on the night i first smoked weed. We (friend, and I) smoked at my 2nd big brothers house. My cousin was there but she opted out. We went to a jam afterward and I was still a little high and feeling free. I noticed a cute light skinned guy starting at me. He was actually siting 2 feet away from my cousin and would not take his eyes off me. I sat right next to him and started a conversation. He asked me for some of my gum. We danced a bit and then snuck away into a corner. I wanted to make out with him, but I didn't want to look bad in front of cousin and friend and other people from school. He whispered in my ear, "What's up with getting with you tonight?" I said, "What's up with getting to know me first." He was a little stunned. But he took my number. I didn't think he'd call.

He surprised me a couple of days later with a phone call. He invited me and my friends to hang with him and his navy friends on valentines day. We showed up at their house, watched TV, laughed and joked around. They had been smoking weed and took niacin to try to purge their systems. Das asked me to follow him into the kitchen. I did and he showed me how his skin was turning red from the niacin. Then he put his arms around me and kissed me. It was pretty romantic, then it got raunchy and he started lifting up my skirt. I had to slow him down. He really caught me off guard, but I loved it. A week later I decided to give him some since he was going out to sea soon. While he was out to see, he asked if I could send him naked pictures of me. I told him I didn't have pictures like that, but i told him I would send him pictures of girls from onlline. He liked that so everyday while he was away that's what I did. When he got back we started seeing eachother again. It lasted quite sometime, but I knew he wasn't exclusive. He told me early on that he didn't want a girlfriend. When the school year was over he did drive the 20 minutes to my parents house to bring me back to his house so we could have sex. He met my mom but he was so nervous.

Years later he told me that he was stupid for being nervous around my mom. He wanted me to be his girl. But I was with my most recent ex. That was back in '04.

Anyway I don't know what's gonna happen next.

Talked to the ex I used to hate. He is already to divorce his wife and be with me. I'm trying to get him to pull the reigns because he doesn't know what's going to happen with us and he is already starting to get on my nerves. He told me to shut up, go to hell, and called me diabolic all in one conversation. To him it's joking and being funny, but to me it's going to far. I try to tell him, but this dude doesn't back down. I'm sure his wife will be glad to get rid of him, sounds like they argue alot.

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