Wednesday, December 5, 2007


So I talked to Flows wife last night. She called me. I told her everything. She told me everything. I wouldn't have done this if Flow wasn't such a liar. He told me that she was his ex wife, which I figured was probably a lie and could deal with it if she wasn't, but since he didn't want to be honest with me and has lied about so many things I just spilled my guts. He called this morning angry with me. He said "Because of you I can't see my son." I asked "if that's your ex, why does she care that much." He didn't have an anwer. I told him I knew about all his criminal history and I knew how old he really was. He continued to lie and deny. In the end I was very nice to him. I let him know that I still cared about him and that I was sorry things had to end like this.

Well...that's it.

I talked to Curve about it. In fact he's the one that told me I should talk to Flows wife. I probably shouldn't have listened to him, since he still likes me, but he was right. I have to look out for myself ultimately.

Sug is supposed to come over tomorrow to make me feel better.

I think I want to start body building. I've actually wanted to do it since undergrad. But this new year I'm actually gonna start. It will give me something to do for myself. I need to do something for me, since no one else will.

I miss Flow

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  1. was it not inhabitable, darling.
    I don't know, I had a feeling, you were in a wrong track with 'flow'.