Monday, December 17, 2007

I did it (PC Part II)

I was bored.
I was wrong.
But I did it.
Yesterday I noticed Papi Chulo online on myspace. So I asked him a question about the music on his page. I don't know why. I think deep inside I was hoping he would want to see me, but still I wasn't quite sure I wanted to do anything. Well he asked me what I was doing that night. I said nothing. He asked if I wanted to see him. I said sure. He asked if I could where a black thong and bra set. I started thinking great I'm going to meet a serial murderer who like to kill women in black thong and bra sets. I told him I didn't have a set because I buy my stuff a la carte. He LOL'd and said he would buy me one for Christmas or Valentine's. Why do men lie?

Anyway, I told him I had a black thong and he said wear that. He told me where to meet him and told me I could drive his car back to my place. Well I drove out to meet him at a gas station. When he pulled up and got out of his car the first thing I noticed was how short he was. I was taller than him in my heels. But the second thing I noticed is how cute he was, so I could overlook the height deficit. He looked exactly like his picture. Short black hair, big juicy lips, hovered by a thin stache and long eyelashes. I love long eyelashes on a man.

Anywho, I drove his car back to my place. He explained to me that he couldn't drive at night because he just got his licenced revoked for a DUI. So we go get some drinks from Harris Teeter and go to my apartment. While in the car he tells me, "you know you're in the presence of a legend." I said really. He went on to explain about his business and how nobody can mess with him and made himself out to be some kind of big boss or something. Which honestly he probably is locally with all the local artists he works with and being in a gang and all.

So once we got in my apartment I was my usual paranoid nervous self conscious self and I immediately started drinking the Mike's Hard Lime he bought me. He wanted to hug and cuddle at bit. He complemented me on my teeth, lips, thighs, and ass. It was a nice start. Then we kissed. He likes to suck when he kisses. That's definitely something I am not used to. It can be igniting, but it hurts a little. Then we proceeded to take off our clothes and he was engrossed by my thong clad behind. "You got a big ass mami. You just swallow up that thong. I like that. Let me kiss it. You got the best ass in the world." Why do men lie? So then we started getting hot and heavy and he he pulled me up to sit on his face. I was like I can't believe he's doing this. I just met him. But he's a freak obviously. So he licked and licked and he was pretty good. So I gave a little of the same and then the real sex started. He has a nice thick schlong. It was dark in the room but it looked perfectly straight and proportional. He's not circumcised which most latinos aren't. I had only experienced an uncircumcised penis once before with a dominican guy I used to mess with in college. But I consider dominicans black because well they are. He kept giving me these long slow deep strokes which felt really good. And he was talking to me like the whole time. "Can I give it to you like this mami? Am I going to slow? You like that mami." It was great. Then he started going really fast and then slow again and medium and then he went on his side and gave it to me like that. It was blowing my mind. It was like he was composing a track on my body, with different tempos and textures and colors and moods. It was so good. I loved it. We did it twice that night. The second time something happened that never happened before. I got really tight out of now where and I could really feel him inside me. He was like "Your pussy is sucking my dick mami." I was like yeah cause you feel so good. He did feel good, but I didn't know why my vajayjay decided to tighten up like that. When all was done. I laid my head on his chest. It felt so perfect laying in his arms. Then he began to explain to me about how 911 was an inside job. He is a true conspiracy theorist. He told me about aliens living in the earth and the CIA/Big Brother and he's a huge proponent of Ron Paul a 2008 presidential candidate. It's funny because I like Ron Paul too but he says "they" won't let him be president because he's gonna fix everything. It was interesting and I was happy to listen to him. He told me I was a good listener and I probably think he's crazy now. Yes I do think he's a tad crazy but I like it and he's a good lover. One thing I noticed is that when he was talking he kept doing dome weird thing with his breathing. It was like his breathing would get stopped up suddenly and then open up again. He later told me that he has trouble swallowing and one of his tonsils got really big when he was little and never went down. I think he might have a tumor, but he says he has no health insurance to get it checked out. I look at it next time we're together.

Flow called me today. We talked pretty much the whole afternoon. I was very happy with him and he seemed to be in a good mood. He's coming here tomorrow to spend hopefully the whole day with me. I am truly looking forward to that. I haven't seen him in such a long time and I'm craving him. I want to run my fingers through his hair and stare into his greenish grayish brown eyes and love him down! I can't wait. I been doing kegel excercises all day.

I talked to the ex I hate. He is such an idiot. He called this morning to tell me that he thought about what I said about how he doesn't listen to anybody, particularly the women in his life, when they tell him what he's doing wrong. He said "I just have the natural ability to only listen to wise counsel. You are not wise. You have never been through anything in your life. So why would I listen to you." Hmml, his last little sting. I just told him to ask his wife what she thinks of him. She knows him most intimately and she'll tell him the truth. He didn't like that. He let me know he wouldn't be asking her. I told him that he'll never be able to be in a healthy relationship with a women until he's willing to acknowledge where he needs to change. Of course he didn't agree cause I'm not wise enough. Aaaarrrgh he makes me mad. His very existence is an abomination to my soul. I hate him.

Why do I attract or am I attracted to men without moms and dads? My ex that I hate's parents abandoned him, Flow's parents died when he was young, and XXXXX's parents were murdered. I don't know.

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