Friday, December 14, 2007

Let it Flow

Das Weiner answered my email. He sent a picture of him sitting at his desk at work. I sent a picture of me sitting in my car. I was expecting him to be really anxious to get my number but he didn't even mention it. I asked why he gave me money, but he hasn't answered yet. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe he meant to give it to his sister, both our names begin with K. I don't know.

I guess Flow and I are officially back together. He asked me to marry him over the phone. Of course I said no and told him if he was really serious he wouldn't ask over the phone and he would provide an engagement ring. He said "You'll get the ring when you say I do." I was like no and I explained exactly the way the process should occur and told him when he's serious he'll do it right. I also told him that I had been proposed to twice in similar ways and I've never been married so...what does that tell him. I said yes both times. But if a guy is really serious he'll do what he's supposed to do. Get down on one knee, tell me how he can't imagine life without me, and then pull out a ring. Now this was all after he asked me why I love him and then corrected my reason for loving him. I mean if you don't like the reason I give for loving you then why would you ask me to marry you 5 minutes later? I don't know. And then after all this, asked me if I was fucking some other man. Flow is just so emotional. I really would like to have a good relationship with him, but he's starting to make it difficult. He's gonna have to move me up on his list of priorities and start romancing me a bit more. I'm still a woman. I can be patient, accomodating, and understanding but I'm still a woman that wants to be nutured and cared for.

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