Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh Hum... (PC Part I)

I talked to the ex I used to hate and hate once again today. We always end up talking about our past relationship. I asked him some questions from my mini DSM-IV book. One question was "when you get angry have you ever hit someone?" He said no. I asked "Not any more?" He said I never hit you. I said you punched me in the arm when I told you to shut the fuck up when you were yelling at me while I was trying to park. He denied it. Then said "You hit me". I asked "Do you remember punching me in the leg repeatedly after you said I insulted you infront of my family?" He said, "I did not. That never happen. That is a lie." We got into a big argument and by the end he was like "I just need to know if we are going to have sex." I said "I cannot be intimate with you because you will not acknowledge that the issues you have keep you from being able to have an intimate long term relationship with a woman." He said "Well that's fine. Thanks for letting me know. That will be it for us." The boy is demented. I really wanted to tell him that he has too many feminine qualities and he needs a women with more male qualities that will balance him out. I think the fact that his mom, father, and grandmothers have abandoned him throughout life have affected him more than he is willing to let on. I told him when we were together he should see a therapist about it, but he won't do it.

Flow went to ATL without telling me. He's such a cutie I know he probably picked up another girlfriend there if he doesn't still have the same one his wife said she found out about before. He's supposed to be back tomorrow and said he'll call me. But I learned recently that means I should call him.

A Papi Chulo is tryna sleep with me. He discovered me on myspace. He is an independent music producer in a nearby city. He says I'm fine and he has a girlfriend but he wants to have sex with me. I need to remember to get that "I'm a slut" tattoo removed from my forehead. Men...ugh. But I've always wanted to sleep with a latino guy. He's very attractive and muscular with thick lips and hazel eyes, so i'll think about it. If Flow shows a little more consistence, I won't have to. But Chulo gave me his number and I'm gonna used it if I have to.

Meanwhile, I talked to Das Weiner on the IM. He let me know he has a girlfriend by saying "I gotta run (girlfriend coming)". Oh thanks for letting me know. I guess they are going strong maybe. He seems to be hiding me from her. Other than that he didn't say anything. He did say he'll send me more money in the future. Yay me!

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