Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This time I'm for real

Last night as I was about to walk out the hotel room door and head to what I was hoping was Flow's house, my phone rang. It was him. "You okay? I'm on my way." He saved himself. But he didn't show up until over an hour later and once there he acted like he was going to stay the night. I looked at his wallet and he got really mad. I saw a picture of his son, that was it, but he snatched it from me. He was like, "That's personal." Then his "brother" called him on my phone from Flow's phone. I was thinking "That's personal. He didn't even ask for permission to allow someone to call my phone for him." Anyway, I asked him if he going to be leaving but he didn't say anything, until after we had sex. He was like "I have to go to the hospital. My brother is picking me up." I was dissapointed in him. I should have gone to his home as soon as he left, but I was tired.

This morning as I was packing up to leave the hotel, he called and once again complained about me looking in his wallet, "You should never look in a man's wallet. Remember that for the future." I said "Whatever." and hung up on him. I was tired of his Svengali attitude. I was heading back home but I decided to try to go to the address again. I thought maybe it would be an old address or someone else's address, but there was his van right infront of his home. I called him and called him again while driving around his neighborhood. I called him and asked where he was. He said at a work site. I asked if I could come talk to him. He said no. I thought maybe he could be at work in his suburban. I left his neighborhood and was about to head home, but something told me to go back. I went back and there was his suburban in the drive way. I called him and called him he didn't answer. Finally, he called me back "I was with a customer. You can't keep calling me. I'm working." I decided to park down the street where I could see him leaving and follow him. I sat for about 20 minutes and finally I saw movement at his house. One guy was throwing a football. I couldn't see to who. Another guy walked around the back to throw out some trash. Then his fan pulled out of his street and I started on my pursuit. The light stopped me at a corner and he turned and got on the highway. I thought I would lose him before he noticed me following him. The light changed and I got to the exit. He had stopped on the side of the exit ramp and someone that looked like his cousin was running across the lane to pick up some strip of material off the road. I stopped for him and stared into the side view mirror. As his cousin got back in the van I waited for Flow to pull back out onto the ramp. He looked in his side view to see if he was clear. He stared right back at me and kept looking. I started smiling cause I knew he saw me. Once on the highway he started looking around the car and in his rearview. I could tell he was telling people in the car I was following him. He pulled off the next exit. I kept driving on to go home. I looked at my phone about an hour later and realized I had it on vibrate and he had called me several times.

I'm not calling him back. I think I accomplished what I needed to be able to move on. He lied. I knew he was lying. I proved it and he saw that I knew it. That's enough for me.

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