Thursday, February 14, 2008

Burbs to Save the Day

Well, my best girlfriend from school canceled on me. Her grandmother wanted to treat her grandkids to a Valentine's Day dinner. So I spent the evening alone. I went to the fashion show, which was great. It was fashions from around the world. I wish I had known about it before this week. I would have volunteered as a model. I have a mean runway walk! I kept making eyes with the cute doctor from class, but he was being shy. Which is rude, because it's not like we've never hung out. I won a broach made in Mexico during a silent auction. I don't know why they call it winning. When you win a prize it should be free. I didn't really want to spend the money and was hoping someone would out bid me. Oh well...I left the show feeling kind of dejected. Valentine's Day was turning out to be a bust!

I got home and moped around a bit. I pouted and pouted and tried to cry, but tears wouldn't come. It would have been too lame to cry cause I don't have Valentine. I started watching Lost. I checked my myspace. Nothing. I checked my email. Nothing. I checked my other email. Nothing. I finished watching Lost. I checked my myspace. Nothing. I checked my email. Gasp!!!! Burbs!!! He wrote me back, finally. AAAAAAAH! Burbs!!!! He's no longer MIA. In fact he's in it to win it! We talked for about an hour on the YIM. He'd been very busy training some new employees and had been up 37 hours straight. Poor baby. I can sympathize with him. Being on call is the pits, especially on a busy night where it seems everyone wants to be sick. Anyway, we had a really great convo and I can honestly and truthfully with all of my mind and soul say, "I really like Burbs."

Oh yeah. Found out Burbs isn't a Capricorn. I put in a randome birthday on the website. Boooo! He's a Virgo like me. Which is cool. I already determined that Virgos can be very compatible if the two virgos involved are willing to put in the work. What's up with me running into all these Virgos. Flow, then Papi, now Burbs! 3rd times a charm! 3 strikes your out! Which will it be?!

My thoughts and prayers go out for those affected by the tragedy at Northern Illinois University.

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