Friday, February 8, 2008


I re-activated my profile on the site where I met Sugar Daddy. Guess what? He's back up there too. LOL! He hasn't been on in a few weeks though. He went to France a few weeks ago for a case, supposedly. He should be back by now, but notice he hasn't called. Well good. I've decided this time around I'm going to take my time and really get to know a guy, before I go into this type of relationship. I'm gonna look for someone I could have a real relationship with. Someone trully interested in me as I am.

The first guy that sent me a "kiss" was a 40 something i don't even know what he does. I emailed him back and asked him about his interests and he answered, "I'm pretty spontaneous." That means nothing to me. That doesn't even answer my question. He asked "what about you?" I decided to give him a similarly ambiguous answer. "I like trying new things." He hasn't answered yet.

The second guy was an ex-military, 44 year old. I really was trying to stay away from him, because I have two cousins who are in the military and have lived and worked in the same town he was from. But he emailed me. Immediately he was like "why don't you give me your email or number so we can chat?????????" I didn't answer because with all those damn ???????????, I could already see that he was gonna be exactly like old Sugar Daddy, all anxious and sexed up. Then I got another email from him: "Did you read my other email??????? Why don't you give me your number so we can talk????????" I thought, let me get this over with, so I gave him my email address. Later on he added me to his YIM buddy list. I accepted and then he sent a message in big bold black letters: "Let me give you my number so we can talk." I wrote back, "I wouldn't call you right away". He messaged, "Well you don't have to call. I can wait until you are comfortable." Obviously not. Then he asked what I wanted in an SD with lots of question marks afterwards. I said "Pay my bills." He said, "What bills???? You know you can't get anything without giving something in return." So I said, "All of them, like $1500/month." He said "Why don't you answer my question?????" I said, "I am answering your question. Is that a problem for you?" "Do you really think someone is going to just give you $1500 a month????? And that's not what I asked you, dumbass!!!! If you read, you'll see what I asked!!!! I am deleting your name right now!!!!!" I LOL'd him and told him to calm down with all his big bold letters and punctuations. That was the end of that.

I have met one nice guy though. He's a 39 yo with two advanced degrees who owns his own business. He's from back home. We've been emailing back and forth for a couple of days and it's been great. I have to think of a nickname for him. Let's see...I'll call him Burbs, cause he grew up in the suburbs.

I saw Burbs profile before he even attempted to contact me. He's really really cute. Exactly what I like. Pretty boy, light complexion, light brown eyes, curly hair. I was about to send him a "kiss" and favorite him, but when I read what he was looking for, I realized it was not me. He wanted 5'5", 120 lbs, with long hair. Try 5'5", more than 120 lbs (which is only 9 lbs from being underweight by the way), shoulder length hair when I wear it straight. He did acknowledge that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes and he appreciated an intelligent woman just as much. But I kept it moving anyway. I was surprised when I checked my mail a few days later, and his picture was staring back at me with a "kiss" that said "You're beautiful!" So I immediately emailed him and thanked him for the "kiss" and told him he was really cute. And we've been emailing ever since.

He reminds me of my most recent ex. A genuine good guy, fun to talk to, lots of interesting things to say, intelligent. Burbs!!!!!!!!! I like him!!!!!!!!

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  1. ooooooooooh, this is juicy! i'm interested in your adventures...they sound fun-LOL! stumbled upon you...but i'll read back some later.