Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Das Weiner ist mein freund

Das Weiner called me today from work. We talked about his broken relationship and life's changes. He met his ex girl in Mexico. Isn't that crazy. Her and her son moved in with him a few months after that. They've been together for 1 1/2 years. He said they didn't work out because they come from 2 different backgrounds. They just can't get along anymore. So he has given her 3 weeks to get out of his house. He wants to fly me out to AZ to see him once things settle down between him and her. This is a good thing. I really like Das.

He asked me how many kids I want. I told him that I am not in control of my fertility so as many as God gives me and as many as I can afford to take care of. He said he wants to have a least 3. I guess that puts us in the same boat. Some people say those types of things are really important in a marriage. I guess they are. But I think opposite extremes are what cause the most strain. Someone who wants no children with someone who wants several. Someone who is muslim with someone who is scientologist. Those relationships are toughest and most likely would never work. When differences aren't that extreme, compromise is possible. That's the beauty of a good relationship, two people fufilling each other's needs and wants, sacrificing their own. MMMM, Luv!

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