Thursday, February 28, 2008

Myspace makes the world smaller

I had a patient last year. She was an African lady who had recently had surgery for resection of an ovarian tumor. She was back in the hospital because her foot went numb and she couldn't move it. I diagnosed her with peroneal nerve palsy, probably due to the position she was in during the surgery. I was proud of myself for figuring that one out. That's why I like medicine. You ask questions and investigate the evidence, you check your resources and suddenly you know exactly what's wrong with a person and all the pieces fit together. That happens occasionally. Anyway, I mention this woman, because she wanted to hook me up with her son. I was with my most recent ex at the time, so I let her know I was taken. She was dissapointed and said she had told her husband, "that I was very pretty and thin and going to be a doctor." I was flattered cause I'm not thin at all. I just have skinny arms. So anyway, she was a nice lady and when I would check in on her, she would talk to me forever about marriage and love and she was just really pleasant. Okay so let me get to the point. A couple of weeks ago this African guy on myspace requested me as a friend. He seemed to be a nice guy so I added him and we've emailed a little bit. Last night, I was emailing with him and I decided to check out his pictures. I'd looked at them before, but hadn't looked at his family pictures. So I'm checking out these family pics and I notice the picture of his mom and I'm like I know that lady. So I ask him, "Was your mom in the hospital recently?" He didn't answer back right away. I checked my email this morning and he wrote back, "Yeah, how did you know?" Wow this is a small world, made even smaller by Myspace.

Skittles called me at 2 am this morning. I was still up, but I wasn't happy. I asked what he was up to so late. He said "I'm thinking about coming there and getting under the sheets with you." I said, "You know you're like several hours away?" He said, "You just ruined the fantasy." I was like, "Sorry." Then he asked me to send a "cute picture" of myself to his phone. So I did. But I took like 45 minutes to do it and I guess he fell asleep cause when I tried to call him back he didn't answer. Oh well.

I called Flow this morning. He was happy to hear from me. I know I said I wasn't going to talk to him anymore, but...I dont' know why I called. He asked me if I thought his friend from New York was trying to sleep with me. At first I was like I don't know. I didn't want to break up a good friendship, but then Flow said he wouldn't put it past him cause the guy is sneeky. So I told him yeah, his friend was trying to get with me. See during our several conversations throughout that day that his friend asked me to come to see Flow, he kept trying to come to the hotel to see me. He would say, "If Flow doesn't come, I'll come there and spend some time with you." or he would ask, "Do you want me to come bring you something to eat or drink?" He was trying to get me drunk. I'm in my late 20's not early 20's, so I've had a little experience. I don't know why he thought he could trick me into sleeping with him instead. He should have just been honest about it. I might have considered it then lol!, but I don't like being treated like a fool. So Flow is going to cut him off.

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  1. I'm liking your blog... Mad that Flow is still in the mix... He seems psycho to me... Stay away from him girl... No matter how good that 'Thing' is... stay away... he is CRAZY!