Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, the love life's picking up a bit and I do mean a bit in every since of the word. Met a guy on myspace. He's in FL. So it's kinda pointless to talk to him, but if he likes me enough maybe he'll come see me. He's 35 and pretty hot. Light skinned, light brown eyes, muscular, lots of tatts, nice smile. He is an independent rapper and limo driver. We've only talked on the phone once and it went alright. It's been such a long time since I last actually tried to get to know someone before meeting them. I've been so backwards since I broke up with my man of 4 years, last summer. It was a little awkward talking to him. He seems like a nice guy, but he wasn't quick to affirm this when I mentioned it. So I don't know what this guy is really about. He does music and works part time. He apparently is also going to school part time. He's a bit of a druggy and does X on the weekends. Who over 21 does X? I thought that was like a high school thing. He calls them skittles. So that's gonna be his nickname, Skittles! We'll see what happens with him.

I've been emailing with Das Weiner. Das Weiner, such an appropriate name for him. Click on his name to find out why. LOL! Anyway, he broke up with his live in girlfriend recently and is in the process of kicking her and her son out. He feels bad about it, because of the kid. I would too. He should have married her if they were gonna be shacking up with the kid. Otherwise they should have stayed in separate homes or just been friends in the same home. That's just my opinion. I'm a Dr. Laura Schlesinger fan (even though I don't follow her advice, it's good) and she would agree with me.

I don't think anything could happen between me and Das Weiner ever again. He's all the way in AZ. I've been there once. Hated it! It was like walking around in an oven, not a sauna, but an oven. The heat was so dry, I didn't even sweat. I just baked. Maybe I'll get a chance to visit him though. Who knows what the future holds? No seriously, who knows, cause I need to talk to them real quick.

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