Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Papi Chulo Revisited

Well since my personal life is so boring right now, I'm going to repost entries on Papi Chulo, my first latin lover, until things get back to normal (normal, ha!). As you may or may not have noticed January is pretty bare. That's because I spent the end of December and into January with Papi Chulo.

I've already re-listed Papi Chulo on my labels and put him back in entries where I deleted him. Now I will begin posting the other deleted entries. Sure I have better things to do, but unfortunately my mind doesn't work that way.

Also check out Mariah's new single "Touch My Body". I love it.

PC Part IV
Sunday December 30, 2007
There's something about Papi Chulo. When he says he loves me I believe him. I feel it's real. But I'm still afraid. Maybe it's because of this recent thing with Flow. I'm afraid he'll wake up one day and say, "I don't really love her like that." I mean he did just get out of a relationship. I'm being mindful of that.

Last night we had a good time. I took him and his cousin out to a bar. On the way in the car, he was messaging back and forth with some girl from vegas that he called a groupie. He said she was a dumb blond. I told him to be easy on her, she just wanted to get to know him. He was like "I've known her for a while." Once we got to the bar, we were hugged up the whole night. It was great. He rained compliments down on me and kept telling me he loved me and wants to marry me. I was like "you are so high" He was like "Shut up no I'm not." I love him. I want to marry him. I want to have his kids. All in due time though. If we make it to September '08, then I know it will work.

I just got this crazy idea. What if Chulo has Schizophrenia? What if all this stuff is just apart of his delusions? What if he is bipolar and he's in his manic phase? He does get very little sleep. OMG I know nothing about him.

PC Part V
Monday, December 31, 2007
New News
Just found out that Papi Chulo has a son. He called this morning and asked me to come over, so we could make breakfast. On my way out the door he called and said there was an emergency with his "young boy". Now "young boy" could be his "boy" as in "homeboy" who is younger than him, but I doubt it. This is kinda dissapointing. I don't know why. Maybe because I was thinking of having his kid, but that's kinda out of the question now. We'll have to get married first, which I'm thinking ain't gonna happen. Oh well, I'm just gonna have fun and enjoy the attention. I been telling myself I want someone to take care of so...

Last night Sugar daddy called several times and left a message and text messaged me. I never answered but his messages said he was severely depressed and just wanted to talk to me. Yeah Right! I'm not falling for it. He just wants to convince me to sleep with him. We are not that close. He should talk to his wife or sisters or whoever, not me.

PC Part VI
Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Papi Chulo doesn't have kids!!!. Young boy was young homeboy. Yeah!!!!!!! I'm so happy. We spent New Years Eve together. We went to lunch then I went to his house near midnight and we listened to music and made a beat together. We made love in his studio. It was the best. I felt very close and connected with him.

He might have an illegitamite kid out there though, that he doesn't know about. He is a little crazy. He showed me an email with a list of show dates. At the top of the list it said open slots. So I assumed that it was an email about possible show dates and not actual show dates. But he acted as if it was his show schedule.

He's going to Miami this weekend for Hoodstock and a couple of other events. In a way I would like to go with him just to see what it's like for him. He told me that he might "need" me to go. I guess to assist him in any way. But I think one of his friends/A&R person didn't like the idea of a girl going with them. Chulo is having trouble getting his artists to go to this thing. They have to work or they're scared to perform out there. I don't know what's going on. He's angry with alot of the people he works with right now. One guy who's going with them doesn't have the money to go and is expecting Chulo to take care of it. Chulo says he's paying for everything and some of his boys in Miami are making sure other things are taken care of, like food, hotel, etc. I hope everything works out for him. I'm pryaing that they do. I love him but he may be a tad delusional, seriously.

I was trying not to talk to my sister about Papi Chulo. But my mom did it for me. Today she called and asked if I was going to Miami. I told her no. She asked if Chulo invited me. I said "He said he might need me to go. But no guarantees. But yesterday he told me he didn't need me to go." She said "Oh I guess he got one of his other groupies to go." I was so insulted. She doesn't what to say out of her mouth. I really can not talk to her anymore. She pisses me of with shit like that. She tried to explain she just meant female fan. I told her either way she got across the point she wanted to get across. She claimed that wasn't her point. I told her if she was trying to make a different point she would use a word like "friend" or "person", but she used "groupie"!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Aye Papi
Spent more time with Papi Chulo today. He bought me lunch and then he road me around town. He showed me his old hood and we went to a couple of other places. A girl kept calling him. Apparently she wanted to see him last night and he told her to catch a cab and come over. She told him she wasn't gonna do that just to see some dude. I guess they had a blow up and she was calling him today to try to resolve things. He told her he felt disrespected when she said he wouldn't pay to come see him and called her ignorant and then said he didn't want to talk to her. They hung up and she called again. She apologized to him and he said he would talk to her when he gets back from Miami.

Thursday, January 3, 2008
I'd give my all
I put in some serious quality time with Papi Chulo last night. I stayed up with him until 4am helping him put together tracks for his show in Miami, which is going to be hot by the way. He let me control the record and playback and all. I put his clothes in the dryer for him and helped him pick out jeans to wear. We went to sleep and when we woke I continued to help him. He got mad at me a couple of times, like when I told him I didn't like one of the songs. Also when he was sleeping he would wake up everytime I moved and be like "Where you going? Okay hurry back."

I wanted to let one of the dogs out to pee cause he kept wimpering and moving all around, but Chulo was like "just let him in the hall" So when we woke up we discovered he had pooped in the kitchen. And I was thinking "You should have just let me let him out, but you wanted to be all cranky." Then he let the other dogs out while he finished fixing up his show and packing up his toiletries. He left the bathroom door open. He let the dogs back in and continued working on his music. He finished the chopping up the tracks and then allowed them to play. He opened the door to the studio and behold in the bathroom were the dogs making a muddy mess in the tub and floor. Papi Chulo went off. He was firing mad. Dogs were running and flying everywhere. He was so angry. He was almost ready to go and they had ruined the bathroom. I just stood there and tried to stay out of the way. He started mopping and I was like "You want me to clean that up while you work on your music. Chulo didn't say anything. He just walked back into the studio. So I cleaned the floor and tub. He later cleaned the poop in the kitchen.

We were a team. It felt good. He thanked me for helping him and apologized for being cranky. He said he'd buy me something nice from Miami. I'll believe it when I see it. He also asked me if I scared when he blew up at the dogs. I said yeah. He said "it's okay if you don't want to be with me because of that. Some people can't handle that about me. I don't do that to people but I do get angry sometimes."

That girl from yesterday called him again. He didn't say it was her but when he answered he was like "I'm on the road, can I please call you back. Please. In 2 minutes. Please. Thank you." 5 minutes later it rang again and he was like "Why does this MF keep calling me?" I had asked him yesterday why he even wasted time talking to her. He said just to keep the peace and keep her from blowing up his phone. Chulo said she's a bartender at a strip club and he doesn't trust her and wouldn't fuck with her. I hope he gets rid of her.

Yesterday while we were driving around town, he said he doesn't know if he can fall in love again, because of his ex. I've felt the same. I mean I was with my ex for 4 years and everytime I think about meeting someone knew, I wonder if I can really be in love like that again. I was really in love with him. I told myself after we broke up I had pretty much met all the men I could possibly marry. I don't know if I can feel that way again.

Papi Chulo Revisited to be continued...

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