Friday, February 15, 2008

Papi Chulo Revisted Trois

Well I don't know how Papi's Valentine's Day went. I'm guessing he spent it contracting HIV or some other STD or maybe he spent it alone. Doesn't matter I had a good night. I'm gonna stop being bitter though. I'll keep posting, but I'm not going to be angry anymore.

PC Part XI
Thursday, January 14, 2008
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I did end up calling Papi Chulo. He said he was upset about the 911 conspiracy debunking I wrote on Saturday night and sent to his email. He felt I was insulting him. So he left a message on my phone saying don't call him anymore and he called me weird, which is a stupid thing to call someone, especially if you yourself are weird. So anyway, he also responded to my email basically saying the same thing and then I responded back but he never read the responses. So I called him Sunday and we talked for a bit. Most of the conversation was about 911 and the evil government. It was the worse. I came away feeling like Papi Chulo is a waste of my time. At the end of the conversation he said I could call him today, but I didn't feel like it. So I didn't. He hasn't emailed or called so that's the end. But at least we are on better terms now.

Friday, January 22, 2008
previously posted under Update Project Runway StylePapi Chulo...Lots has happened. He erased the myspace posts from "the other woman". Why? I guess because we were back on for a while. Last Tuesday, I called him to see if I could come over. After complaining that I didn't call him on Monday (so random), he was like "Yeah you should come over. I'm hungry." I was like what do you want to eat. I was hoping he'd say he wanted to go out to eat, but he was like "Um I want a # 1 from Mcdonald's." I said "Okay. Is this how you make your living?" Why did I say that? Papi immediately went off, "What? You think I'm a bum?." I was thinking Yeah, I was trying to come spend time with you and your like bring me food. This isn't the first time you've done that. Sounds like a bum to me. I'm sure you use women all the time. Bum ass Bum! But I said, "No I don't think you're a bum. It's just I want to come see you and your immediately like bring me food." He argued, "Haven't I brought you food before? I never complained. That's what people do for each other." I get that, but I never asked him to bring me food. It feels weird. We went back and forth some more and he ended up telling me not to call him or ride by his house or anything. I called him a cry baby. He said he would just grill some salmon and shrimp on his new griddle. I was like good for you!! How about you should have invited me over for salmon and shrimp instead of asking for McDonald's. It was crazy.

The following day, I called him in the afternoon even though he told me not to. He called me back almost immediately and told me that he was in my city and needed to borrow some gas money. He explained that his accountant was in a meeting and he wasn't going to be able to get her to transfer money from his business account to his personal account before the bank closed. He said it all so sheepishly. He was probably reluctant to ask since he thinks I think he's a bum. But I agreed to give it to him. We met up at Bank of America. He got in the car with me and he pulled me in close to him and we started making out. He was like "You look so good. We have to make love within the next couple of days." I was like "oh really?!" So I spent the night at his house that night. But it didn't go so great.

He got mad at me for laughing at him. Like seriously mad. So mad that we didn't even have sex because I "don't respect" him. We did nothing and I barely slept cause his gazillion dogs kept climbing on the bed. He woke up a couple of times in the night and he wrapped his arms around me and said "I love you so much." What the hell? I wrapped my arms around his and said "I love you to Papi." The next morning he asked if I was mad at him. I just said no. But really I was mad because he invited me over for nothing. When I tried to put my arm around him, he rejected me, but kept hugging me and saying he loved me. Why? I was confused about him. I came to the conclusion that he was probably fucking that girl and didn't want to fuck me. In a sick (as in mentally ill) way, that means he cares about me.

I called that Thursday night just to see how he was doing and say goodnight. We talked for about 30 seconds. He didn't call me baby or mami or nothing. I could tell he was preoccupied, probably with that stupid myspace bitch. I hate her. Anyway, that was that.

On Friday, I noticed a number calling from Papi Chulo's city, that I had never seen before. I was thinking it could be one of Papi Chulo's groupie girls that had gotten in his phone. Maybe. I called to ask him if he knew the number. He said no and I said okay. Then the phone went dead. He called back a few minutes later from a restricted number and said that he dropped his phone in a bucket of water. He keeps a bucket of water to clean dog poop. Anway, he went on to yell at me for calling and asking him about someone calling me from his city. UM?! I recall him asking me if I had told girls from my school about him because he was getting lots of myspace messages from girls from here. I didn't get mad. But Papi Chulo is so sensitive, like a little bitch sometimes. So he said he didn't want to talk to me anymore and he put on a show for his cousin, putting the phone down and saying "I can't even hear you, bla bla bla" That was the end. But I sent him a text reminding him that he owed me money. Saturday he called and said he would meet me Monday to pay me back.

Yesterday, he met with me to give me the $13 I let him borrow and so I could give him back some books he let me borrow. I dressed up really nice and I looked really good. I wore a brown low cut wrap style shirt, my skinny jeans and brown pumps. My hair was in it's naturally curly state looking like a beautiful black mane framing my high cheekbones. I checked myself in the car mirror, making sure my lipgloss made my lips shimmer in the moonlight. As I got to the corner of the TJ Maxx where we were planning to meet. He called me and started yelling "Where are you? You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago." I just said "I guess it takes 20 minutes to get here" "hurry up, I got stuff to do", he replied. So I pulled into the parking lot parallel to, but facing opposite of him, so that we faced each other. I rolled down my window and he rolled down his. When his eyes settled on me, his head jumped back. But he quickly corrected it and acted like he didn't care how gorgeous I looked. We did our little trade. As I rolled my window back up, I could see him taking a second look at me, like a little puppy dog. It felt so good.

I sent Papi an email asking if he was okay and if he needed help with anything. He answered, but I'm not gonna read it. I'm not even going to contact him again. I'm just going to pretend I fell off the face of the earth. I remember when he asked, if he disappeared for two weeks, what I would do. Well now I'm gonna dissapear instead and see what he does. Ha Ha HA!!!! I feel bad about it. Cause I actually really like Papi Chulo and I would like to try to have a real relationship/friendship with him. But it's just impossible. He doesn't try to hide the fact that he's seeing other girls and he blows up for no reason way too much. My hope is that he'll miss me and try to contact me and I can just sit back and watch as the messages pile up. But he might not even do all that. Papi Chulo's got so many groupies, he'll find a few to pass the time with easily. I might feel like I'm special, but honestly he might be like a serial monogomous or something. Sharing intimate details of his life with every girl he meets and then acting like an ass to get rid of them so he can move on to the next. I want to believe that he felt something with me that he doesn't feel with other girls, but he could just be really good at covering up his real feelings.

Oh well. I'm not gonna waste my time trying to figure it out. I have so much work to do.

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