Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You ain't got Sh*t

Please pardon my french, but I felt I needed to address something that was directed toward me. And in my true chameleon style, I will stick to the format of lyrical expression. Here it goes:

You a stupid mutha fuckin bitch, if you think that man loves you
Yes a stupid mutha fuckin bitch is what I was too
Yeah, we stupid mutha fuckin bitches only difference is
I figured him out, but you still don’t get that shit

Maybe you happy playing the fool
But that’s the kinda shit I don’t take from no dude
I’m too cleva of a bitch, working on my 3rd degree
Mutha fucka’s always lieing, but like New York my 3rd eye sees

And I ain’t no groupie. Never been a fan.
Before he gave me his number, never heard of the man.
Now I’m realizing, never shoulda said hello
Sing it Keyshia Cole, shoulda let his ass go

Fuck that nigga. You can have my sloppy seconds.
Fuck a nigga who’s always fucking reckless
Putting his dick in any bitch rocking a necklace
Don’t care if that bitch ain’t never been tested

Yeah I’m still sweating, steady pressin
Tryna make sure that fucka learns his lesson
But as long as there are love sick bitches like you and me
A nigga’ll never learn to keep his dick out the streets

Women like me don’t usually fuck with men like you
You ain’t even a man, you’s a pussy ass dude
Sending your goupie ass girlfriends to settle your beef
While you lay at home and cry on your sheets

You stepped in some shit. Now you mad cause it stinks
Can’t get if off your shoe. Maybe next time you’ll think
No man will play me without getting burned
So to all these dudes that think it’s they turn
“This is your final warning”: Be Genuine, or you’ll get hurt.
Respect what you get. I know my worth.

Felt my Emotions. “It’s over and done.” I’m thru.
Messed with ghetto mutha fuckas and paid my dues
Rising above, never looking below
I’m a beautiful Pheonix. Let ‘em fuck with them crows

I’m multifaceted.
My steez, no one can master it
I can put you in your death bed with the stroke of my pen.
Write some sick lyrics or a lethal prescription…

-Celebrity Star

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