Saturday, March 8, 2008

L7 vs Hood

I went on my date with Flip last night at 3:00 am. He picked me up at my apartment. He drives a pick up truck, Country boy. I jumped in his truck, hoping I wouldn't be horrified by what I saw and I wasn't. He actually looks way better in person. He's brown skinned, 6ft, average build. Kinda chubby in the face, epicanthal folds in his eyelids, and an innocent smile, which all softened his look a bit. Jay-Z is still cuter though. LOL! We went to a 24 hr grill place downtown. Before we got out the car, he gave me my gift. It was a little glass sculpture of a hummingbird and flower, like the ones at the convenience store. I guess that's where he got it on his road trip. It's very beautiful. So we had nice convo over 4th meal. That's any meal after dinner. He grew up slopping hogs and tending to the chickens. He likes riding 4 wheelers and fishing. Again, Country boy! After 4th meal, Flip drove me home and we made plans to go fishing today. We didn't hug or kiss or nothing. Nice change of pace.

We never went fishing today though. He said he would call me after 1, but he didn't call until after 6. I called him back around 8. He said he was going to cook some Chicken Pastry. What the hell is that? I'll tell you in a minute. I told him I was "going out" and would call him later. I really don't enjoy talking to him on the phone that much. His country accent is so heavy, I can't understand him most of the time. Sorta like that dude on the adult cartoon "King of the Hill". Also, Flip sounds a little sweet, if you know what I mean. Effeminate. In person, he's all man, and I can understand his speech better. So after I finished "going out" I called him back and I asked if he made his Chicken Pastry and I asked him what it was. He said some people call it "Chicken Pot Pie" Some people? No, that's what everyone calls it. Chicken Pastry? That's something you made up. I just wanted to laugh a him, but I didn't. We talked a little more and then I told him I'd call him back after I got ready for bed. He didn't answer though, probably fell asleep.

Flip is my L7 (square) boy, because he's so country and a big softy. Even though he looks all hard on his pictures and he's got lots of hustles, he's a good guy. We will never have sex. I can just tell. We probably won't kiss. He doesn't look like much of a kisser, anyway. But they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. You definitely can't judge by a myspace page.

I ended up "going out" with the other new guy I met on myspace today. He turned out to be really cool. He's fine! Straight Pretty Boy! Sexy Trinidadian Accent. I have to give him a nickname. Purtty Boi!

Around 1:30 pm, Purtty Boi called me on his way to the DMV near my apartment, to let me know he was coming out my way and wanted to see me. I started getting ready. He called me again and said to meet him at the bar in the laundromat next to the DMV. He'd be wearing a red sweat shirt. I'd passed that laundromat several times and had no idea there was a bar inside. How odd. So I get there and I see this cute skinny lightskinned guy, with a slicked down ceasar, looking really fly in his fresh white Nikes. And I thought to myself "This ain't gonna work. He's such a pretty boy and pretty boys don't really go for me much." He was playing pool with some Korean guys. He smiled and gave me a hug and checked me out. I couldn't tell yet if he liked what he saw. I could tell he had some really crooked teeth. But they were crooked in a cute way. I know that sounds silly, but sometimes cute guys have crooked teeth that just give their face more character, rather than distract from their cuteness. Like Chris Brown for instance. His teeth are clearly crooked and he has a lisp, but it all works together to enhance his cuteness. I don't know.

So he asked me if I wanted anything and bought me a Corona (the only beer I can tolerate the taste of). I watched him play a couple of rounds of pool. In between shots he talked to me, while puffing on his cigarettes. Yeah, he smokes. I'm not too into that. Flow smokes, but at least this guy is young and kinda just starting out. So it's not so bad. He'll stop if he hangs with me. Or I'll get lung cancer.

Anyway, We had pretty good convo. He let me play with his sidekick phone. Then he invited me to his house to meet his Aunt, who he lives with, and her boyfriend. So by then I was thinking maybe he actually likes me. We went to their home and ate lunch/dinner. His aunt speaks spanish and english and she is very cool. He said she'll get me drunk one day. Interesting. Then we went to his room and that's where things got really interesting.

We were watching the horror movie "Pulse" and then he started kissing me on the cheek and trying to tickle me and silly stuff like that. I was like "okay??? I like just met you yo", in my head. Then he was like "Want to know a secret?" I was like yeah. "Guess what it is.", he grinned. I guessed a bunch of crazy stuff, like you are going to kill me, you have an extra toe. He said, "No it's something I like about you." I guessed a few things, which were all correct, but wasn't what he was looking for. He finally pointed to my lips. I was like, "Oh you want to kiss me?" He was like yeah. I said "I know". So I let him kiss me. And I let him kiss me again and again and again. And he was like "Oh let me find out you can kiss."

So we continued to watch the rest of the movie. After it ended, Purtty Boi turned on some Reggae music. Then he asked me if I was shy. I said yeah. "So I have to be the aggressor?" he asked. I said "Usually." He was like I can handle that. And he certainly did. We kissed some more and he started grinding on me. Then I started imagining how good his sex would be and I got really lost in my head and I was like, "Woah" and I pushed him away a bit, cause I was getting too turned on. He said "What? Am I turning you on?" I confirmed his assumption. "Well if I'm turning you on that means you're turning me on so that's a good thing. Don't worry about it." I wasn't sure I wanted to go there yet. But we kept going! The clothes started coming off and the hands started touching naked body parts. Purtty Boi's good with his hands. I love it when a guy knows what to do with his hands down there. So we kept going. He asked me to go down on him. Something I really can't resist and he asked so politely. LOL! Yeah I'm so into that. I love it. I hate to admit it, but I love fellatio. It's like my favorite thing to do sexually. Does that make me crazy?

So we kept going and the next thing I knew, we were doing it in his bed to some Reaggaeton. He was on top the whole time. He came. Then we went back to my apartment and had sex to the movie "Friday". This time we started out doggy style. He wanted me to come. But I didn't, that's like a difficult thing most of the time. That's my favorite position and I usually achieve climax in that position if it's gonna happen. Then he went back on top again, but we didn't finish. He went soft on me. MMMM? I hate when that happens. I don't know why it happened. And I think he was embarassed, but I was more embarassed cause of course I feel like it was my fault. And maybe it was. I'm not sure I'll ever know.

At any rate, he has a nice size penis. Bigger than what I believe to be average. He's in between Flow and Radio with his. But he curves like Das Weiner. The sex? Regular. Not what I was imagining when he was pushing up on me earlier. Maybe I should teach him how to make love to me, but I've never had to do that before. I'm trying to think of ways. I mean I think about how Curve does it. He likes to stay on his knees. Flow likes to be sideways. Papi liked it best when I was sideways. I probably should have been more aggressive and just gotten on top. Honestly, I hate being on top. I'm too self-conscious for that. I want it to look good, so that's what I think about, rather that if it feels good. But most men love it. So it's something I try to get over and just do. I think that was Papi's fustration with me. So maybe Purtty Boi and I can teach each other a few things.

So Purtty Boi is my hood boi cause he's from NY. He lived in the hood, Brooklyn and Queens, sold coke, threw parties, made money, and spent money. He's a name brand junkie. He makes raggae beats and is a good chatter, genious chatter off the top of his head. On the way back to his house, he said we could make music together and see if we can get studio time or something. I was suprised he actually still wanted to chill with me after the failed second attempt at sex. Good though! I'm kinda excited, but we'll see what happens. He just broke up with his girlfriend and she even called him while were together. She called from one of his friend's phones. When he realized it was her and not his friend, he hung up on her. They most likely will get back together, in my opinion. She actually came down here with him and was going to stay, but they got in a horrible fight and she went on back up to NY. Reminds me of Papi's situation when we first started out, big time. History may repeat itself, but I hope not. Maybe his west inidianess will make him less of a jerk than Papi was.

So who do I like better? It's really hard to say. I definitely like hanging out with my hood boi the best. I think we would have the most fun clubbing, bar hopping, making music, etc. I already invited him out with me and my girls next weekend. I know my L7 is always gonna treat me right and hold me up in the romance department. He is easy to take advantage of, something I wouldn't feel comfortable doing, unless I felt like he owed me. So at this point, I can't tell who will end up sticking around. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say Flip, my L7 boy.

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