Wednesday, March 12, 2008

National Piss Me the Fuck Off Week!

So clearly I have mood instability issues. Last week I was depressed. This week I'm angry. Waiting for the week I'll be happy again. A whole week. Not just a few days but a whole week.

So Purtty Boi is trying to get back with his girlfriend. What the fuck? He changed the song on his myspace to this I miss you, I want you back, Please forgive me girl song. He commented on his ex's page "I miss you princess. I love you. blah blah blah, wa wa wa!" She's gonna take him back of course. The only thing that may keep her from taking him back is that he hit her during their fight and when she threatened to call the police, he told her to go ahead because if she did he would beat her ass until they got there. What kinda shit is that? Anyway, she took down the picture of them kissing. I think she suspected something was going on between me and him, because he erased the comment I left on his page. This reminds me of someone???? MMM??? Oh yeah Papi!!! Piss Asses! Purtty's a virgo too and into music and into himself. Papi's thing was "I'm a Legend". Purtty's thing is "I'm rich. My family is rich. I never have to work." Shut the hell up. Are you sharing this money? No? Oh then shut the hell up, cause I could care less. He came to my house on Monday talking all that shit. I was thinking to myself, why the fuck are you even here? Then he started showing me pictures of all his exgirlfriends on myspace. Most of them were 18. He is 23. So I'm wondering when the hell could he have dated all these 18 year olds. He dated one when she was 13 years old. He would have been 18. What the hell? Then he's like, "I could have had a child" Really? "This ex here had a miscarriage." UHMM! I really didn't understand why he was sharing all of this. All his ex girlfriends are these exotic beauties with mixed ethnicities. So I was wondering if he just wants to brag about the beautiful women he's laid, or if he's like my girlfriends look better than you, or if he's like I've had girls just as beautiful as you. I don't know. All I know is that right now I'm kinda disgusted by him, with his fucked up teeth. LOL! First I thought they were cute, but now I'm thinking with all the money in your family, you shoulda been had them fixed!

I knew this would happen. I don't even want him for my man. I don't know why it pisses me off so much. She'll probably move back down here and I'll never hear from him again. I wonder if he wants his DVD's back. He has two of mine. I do want those back. I would kick his skinny little ass but he's a black belt in something, supposedly. So that wouldn't be a good idea. Das Weiner could do it for me!

I think I might be pissed because I hate adding uneccessary men to my list of men I've slept with. I like men to stick around for a little while and have a little meaning in my life. I'm not into "One night stands". I also am disgusted by his total disregard for my feelings. I am a real person ya know. I may have had sex with you without discretion, but I'm not a simple whore.

Other things have happened to make me angry, but I don't talk about personal stuff up here. LOL! personal stuff??!!

Anyway, Flip is really trying hard to get me to be his girlfriend. Everytime we talk it's like "I can't stop thinking about you. Do you feel the same way? Do you see yourself being by girlfriend? I think we could possibly get married oneday?" The weird thing is that I am starting to feel the same way he is. Not totally. I don't think about him constantly, because I have too many other things to think about. But with all the horrible luck I've had with men, it's nice to be with someone who is really actually into me and hasn't even held my hand or kissed me yet. Gosh. He bought me another gift. Isn't that sweet? He's like a sugar daddy, but young. I could be happy with him. He appreciates me for me and sees me the way I wish I could always see myself. Flip just can sound so gay on the phone and he has a cheesy smile. I listened to his music. He raps. And he sounds nothing like himself. It actually kinda turned me own almost. I sang for him, a song I made up to a Papi Chulo beat. He loved it. He's like, yeah we can produce some music together. Yea!!! I actually can't wait for him to get back from his job in Georgia so we can go out again and get to know each other and make music. Yuck, I might really be starting to like him. This is scary. Real feelings might develop. Am I ready for this? Not sure.

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