Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mi Nuh Fraid

Purtty Boi AIM'd me yesterday. I was surprised. I would have thought he was busy begging his girlfriend to take him back. So he came over. He went straight for my computer. He doesn't even ask. He just goes right over and starts checking his myspace. Then he was like "This is why your computer is so slow. Look at all these pictures." So I'm thinking, "Why the hell do you think it's okay to be all up in my pictures?" Then he made me erase a bunch of them. It was actually good, because I was holding on to pictures I really didn't need. So he helped me. Fine.

So after he finished checking his myspace, snooping around my computer, and yelling at me for keeping old pictures and asking him too many questions, he looked up at me and smiled at me with his crooked boyish grin. So cute. I smiled back at him. Then he was like lets watch a movie. We put one on, but of course we didn't watch. I gave him some vitamin H instead.

Today he changed his profile song to this song called "Replacement Girl" by Drake feat. Trey Songs. That made me happy! Purtty Boi, he gwan luv me! LOL!

I am currently talking to Flip on the phone. He is too country. He sounds like Tyler Perry playing Madea. He just said immurn. He is trying to say immune. I can't take it. This won't work.

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  1. you know we worry about you when we dont hear from you for awhile...with all these deranged fellas you have encountered, caution is a must...please let us know you are ok!