Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Feeling Better

It's good knowing people who know you. If you ever feel lost, they can help you find yourself. I'm feeling much better.

Right now, I'm about to go out on a date with this 29 yo music producer/entrepreneur I just started talking to this week. It's kinda late to be going out but he just got back in town and he's hungry. I met him on myspace. He's a nice guy, really funny, great personality. He's not really my type as far as looks though. Little like Jay Z, but I actually think Jay-Z is cuter if that's possible. Really Jay-Z was never ugly to me. I was crushing on him before Beyonce was in the picture. Anyway, I'm hoping he looks better in person. I feel kinda bad cause he already offered to wire me some money and he bought me a gift on his way back home. He's just doing alot and we haven't even met. I know I'm worth it, but how does he know so soon. Well, I'll try not to lead him on. If he's scary looking in person, it's not gonna work. I really can't pretend to be attracted to someone, even if they cash me up. Also he has a gum phobia. He's like seriously afraid of chewing gum or bubble gum. He gets nauseous just looking at it. I chew gum all the time. So this meeting in person thing does not look a promising situation, but we'll see. I have to think of a nickname for him. It will take a minute.

Papi Alert!!! I went to the police department the other day to get a copy of the police report Papi claimed to have filed against me after I exposed my blog to his groupies/girlfriends. I got curious about what he wrote about me. I mean if there is some official public document out there with details about me, I want to read it. There was no report. Can you believe it? That dummy lied. I want to kick him in the shin for that. He is such a loser. I think he has two girlfriends now. How does he do it. It boggles me. I guess music producers just get alot of ass. If you look famous and like you got money then you can get whatever you want. Helps to be cute too. That's Papi Chulo aka Unfamous Producer, Infamous Womanizer.

Skittles keeps texting me instead of calling. Like what are you doing? I guess he wants me to know he's thinking about me, but doesn't feel like talking. Fine. Thanks.

Met another new guy on Myspace tonight. He actually lives right down the street from me. Scary! Little too close for comfort. He's cute though. He's funny too and not on purpose. He wrote me a bunch of emails. I guess I was taking too long to answer and he got anxious. He was really quick to tell me his bio: He was born in Trinidad, he's black, indian, and spanish, and the rest was more than I really needed to know for just meeting someone. His ex girlfriend is his top friend and her profile pic is of them kissing. I asked him if she still loves him. He said "I guess." Strange! Anyway, he's younger which explains his eagerness. He let me know that he is going to the DMV tomorrow, which is a block away from where I live. I gave him my number. I really don't think we'll get along. He's a Virgo and clearly I haven't had luck with Virgos, ie: Papi Chulo and Flow.

Das Weiner is coming here at the end of April, instead of me coming there. I'm looking forward to that! YEA!!! We are gonna have so much fun!!!! I told him about Papi and he said he's gonna beat him up. He probably would too, but I told him not to worry about it. But that would be hilarious!

Curve sent me a cd through Itunes, Gnarles Barkley's first cd, to cheer me up. He's always looking out for me. That's why I love him! He says one of the songs reminds him of us. I have to figure out which one. I'll do that while I wait for Flip to call me for our date that I don't think is gonna happen anymore, cause I'm sleepy. That's gonna be his nickname, Flip. Cause he says he flip that money 7 ways!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon. I suffer from bouts of depression also so I know what it feels like. Take care of yourself.