Thursday, May 29, 2008

So Gone Over You

Well that's the end of Skittles, the lamo limo driver/ex-con/current liar/wanna be rapper from Florida. He broke up with me in such a lame way. Over the YIM. Can you believe? I would give details but there really aren't any to give. I got mad at him for joking around about wanting to kill himself to mock me. And after that we just couldn't get along. Today he was like you don't want to talk to me, then fuck you. And that was it. Well good riddens!!

The Ex I hate wants to have sex with me. I might as well go ahead. I doubt I'll have any better luck with men.

I've been in touch with my most recent ex. He is finishing up his master's in medical physics and he has a big job interview for a hospital in my hometown. I am so stupid for leaving him. I went to visit over Mother's Day weekend, cause I wanted him to see how much weight I lost. He said I looked good. But I doubt he'll take me back. He is probably like thank God I don't have to deal with her crazy ass anymore.

Skittles is a big fat loser. Papi is a loser. Flow is a loser. Oh yeah Skittles said he heard about Flow through some kinda grapevine that I wasn't aware existed. The world is just too small for me. Hugz is a loser. I sent him a text message like "I wish you were mine." He was like "Oh you will find someone better than me someday." Loser! He could at least pretend he is interested in me behind heavy petting on a Sunday night. Arrrrgg!

I just can't seem to get it together. I still want to quit school. I am going to...I don't even know. I thought about trying to get my ex back since he's gonna be working now. But that seems pretty lame. Das Weiner wants me to visit him in AZ. I think I will, now that I am single again and back on the prowl (thanks for the anthem Trina.)

All men please kiss my ass! Thank You!

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