Monday, June 2, 2008

I lied

Well I was telling the truth at the time, but things change you know. I'm still avoiding relationships, but I didn't stick to my bread and butter men. I picked up a new guy. I couldn't help myself. I've been horny all weekend and I just needed some loving. Of course I could have prayed or fasted or something, but I decided to hit up a dude that tried to holla at me before Skittles.

He's a local guy who works as a welder for a construction company. He is lightskinned, 6ft, medium build, and very very attractive. He looks even better in person than in his pictures. He looks like TI, but with a stronger jaw and taller. He has gorgeous eyes. They are all squinty like TI's and he has this natural glimmer in his eye. So I am gonna call him Glimmer. I know that sounds girly, but his real name is girly, so it works. Anyway, I sent him a message on myspace Saturday, but he didn't answer until Sunday. After a little superficial conversation, we made plans for me to spend the night at his place. Why does he live right down the street from Undercover Brother? And why did he choke me like Undercover Brother? Skittles was into that erotic asphyxiation too. I still don't know if I like it. I mean sure it brings me closer to orgasm but at the same time I'm about to lose consciouness. Who isn't afraid to pass out? Especially during sex with someone new. You might wake up in a rug in a dumpster.

Anywho, Glimmer was coming from his homeboys house, where he was using the computer and I ended up getting to his place before him. He lives with his brother and his brother's girlfriend, so he told me I could go in if I wanted. I was like That's okay I'll wait for you. So we talked on the phone for 10 minutes til he arrived. He was hungry so I hopped in his car. Gosh he was so cute. I was like "You are really cute." "Thanks so are you!", he smiled and his eyes beamed. I smiled back and couldn't stop. Everytime I looked at him he looked at me and I'd get a rush of giddiness. I told him "I smile all the time and now it's gonna be worse cause you are so cute." He was like "Oh that's a good thing."

We ended up going to Cookout. I told him I get heartburn, so I wasn't gonna eat much. He said, "Me too!". Yea, I have a heartburn buddy! Anyway, it took forever to get our food and he was getting pissy, but I tried to distract him with conversation and this ladies red animal print work boots and cut up shorts ensemble. We finally got our food and headed back to his place.

Glimmer's apartment is nice, but you can tell people live there (shoes and clothes in places other than closets). We ate our burgers and drank our Sprites, got ready for bed. He sleeps with a fan just like me. Yea, I have a sleeping fan buddy! We watched some WEC on Versus. I love Mixed Martial Arts. He was happy to watch it with me. I laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arm and leg around him. A commercial came on and he reached in for a kiss. We have the same kissing styles. He stopped at one point and was like "You got some nice tongue tricks." I read alot of Teen and Cosmo articles growing up. You know the "How to drive him wild", "10 things men love you to do" type articles. So I still use that stuff, it works. He started pushing me down. I laughed and asked, "Why are you pushing down here?" He was like, "I wanna see what you know." So I showed him some more tongue tricks and he had some really nice tongue tricks to show me.

Anyway, so Glimmer has a nice thick schlong that slightly curves up. He filled me up nicely. And his stroke was one of the best. He's strong and he was picking me up and flipping me all over the place. We ended up doggy style and when he came he pulled me back off the bed. I thought he was gonna swing me around the room. LOL! But he put me back down. He layed on my back and said "Damn I wish you had hollered at me on myspace way back." Then he started slapping my ass cheeks. I thought that was funny. Not as funny as Curve's King Kong chest beating or Sugar Daddy's nipple ritual. So afterwards he smoked a ciggy and we went to bed. This morning we hugged goodbye and he called me when he got to work. I sent him a text message cause my phone was dead this morning. I suppose we'll do this again another night.

I also decided to cruise the personals on Craigslist for the first time. I was just interested to see what was up there. Some people just want dates to weddings, parties, or movies. Some want sex. Some want relationships. I found one guy. He describes himself as a 41 yo black man and married. He just wants someone to talk to and hang out with. His post was funny so I decided to check him out. I gave him my YIM name so we'll see how this goes and what he really wants. He has a picture that shows the bottom half of his face. He's light skinned with a goatee and full lips. It's cute so hopefully when he fills in the rest, it will line up nicely.

I don't mind dating married men as long as they're honest about it and don't give the false impression that they want a real future with me. Skittles gave me false hopes of living together, getting married, and having kids. Flow gave me false hope. Sugar Daddy was honest but then he tried to act like he was making amends with her cause he couldn't fulfill his part of the arrangement. Curve lied about his girlfriend (now wife) when we first got together in college, but he eventually told the truth and he never led me to believe we would be more than what we were. I was and still am fine with that.

I'd rather be the side chick than the main chick that gets cheated on. Flows wife told me he had always been a cheater, even before they got married, and she regretted marrying him. Curve was gonna stop cheating on his girl once they got married. I remember our last night together, when I was in undergrad. He showed me the ring and told me he wasn't gonna mess around on her anymore. I was sad I was losing him, but then we hooked up again last summer. So I say once a cheater always a cheater and I don't want to end up with a cheater. Somehow it makes sense to me. Cheat with a cheater instead of being cheated on by a cheater. I know in my heart it's not right but it seems like an okay option right now. My brother and sister both had to deal with infidelity in their marriages. So did a cousin of mine. I wonder if anyone is faithful anymore. It makes me not want to attempt to get married.

Anyway I also talked to another guy from Craigslist. He is 4 years younger than me, but he sounded mature in his post. When he emailed me back, his name came up next to his email, so I looked him up on myspace and found him. He's a cutie, professional guy who make over $100,000/year. Yummy. I sent him my picture. He seems to be interested so I gave him my number. We'll see where this goes. I don't think we have much in common. He likes cars and jogging. I could care less about either of those things. But maybe I'll get a free meal or movie out of it. Or someone to hang out with once in a while.

Purrty Boi is supposed to be coming back from NY next week. We are gonna hook up. I can't help it. He is a sexy boi with his accent. He asked me why I never come for him when he's fucking me. How cute. I told him we need to try different positions. Then he asked me if I would have a threesome with him and another girl. I was like no thanks. Skittles asked me that when we were together. I told him I might. I couldn't tell whether he was serious or just testing me. He would say "So are we gonna pick up another woman this weekend." I was like sure. But we never did. Once, he tried to drop some knowledge on me, "When women turn 30 they get really freaky, so if you wanna do that you need to do it now and get it out of your system." Was that supposed to make sense? Honestly, I've been sexually attracted to some women, but I would never do the lesbian thing. Just like I've been attracted to some white guys, but I would never date one. It would just be awkward for me.

Well, I'm excited about Glimmer. I can't wait for Purrty Boi to get back so I can hear his sexy voice. And we'll see what happens with the Craiglist guys.

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