Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Effort

Well I finally talked to Bruno in person. Twice now. He's a flake. He said he couldn't call/text/email me because he's been so busy with work. But if I call you while you're sitting in the breakroom eating a chicken breast, I would expect you not to be too busy to answer. What a joke. Then I see him another day, headed toward the bathroom. I stop to say hi, he greets me and continues into the restroom. Not wanting to miss the chance to remind him of our planned rendevous, I ask him if we are still planning to "workout". He stares at me for a minute, I guess surprised that I would dare to ask him, looks in the bathroom to see if anyone is around and then says quietly, "I'll call you". Yeah right. He's the worst and I just can't take it.

I should have gone with my original plan, which was to skip him and go with this other guy at work, who has always been much more aggressive with his flirting. I'll call him Yoshi, because he has epicanthal folds like and asian guy. Yoshi is lightskinned, skinny guy at my job who works the pm shift. He is married with two boys, but from the 1st day I met him, he seemed interested in me. I thought he might be a better prospect because he worked a different shift. There is a woman that works with me who knows my fiancee. Althought I ddidn't think she'd tell anyone about Bruno, I didn't want to risk it. However, this woman will be on a leave of absence for several months, so I thought it was a sign that I should go for Bruno. WRONG!!!!

I talked to Yoshi yesterday because I had to stay late. He was trying to invite me to his friends party, but I had to work my part-time that night and he wasn't sure of the name of the club. I think I'll skip the email and just give him my number directly next time we talk. He's cuter than Bruno, more my type that is. I like lightskinned men, which both are, but Yoshi is a little darker and Bruno has some other mix in there. Yoshi is down with the black girls and Bruno just likes any woman. Infact, I think Bruno is just a sex addict. I can't stand him right now. I am never going to call/text/email him again. Maybe I'll say hi at work but that's it. So F him!!!

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