Monday, January 10, 2011

New Thangs!

Well my new guy from work, I decided his nickname should be Bruno, has been emailing back and forth with me. Mostly flirting and small talk, but I gave him my phone number in the last email. Hopefully he'll be texting or calling me by tomorrow. We'll see. I saw him today in the hall as I was leaving and he was clocking in. We just said hi, but he kept walking and so did I. I don't know if it's just me or if there is mutual nervousness about talking for long periods of time. I know he likes me because he's been asking others a about me. He already knew where I lived and I know I didn't tell him. I hope he's not a stalker. I really just wish things could move a little faster. I hate waiting for relationships to develop. I like when things move fast and giving him my number was my attempt to speed it up a bit. I want to invite him to a dance I'm going to on Saturday night. Doubt he'll go, but I want to at least ask, so he'll know I'm interested in hanging out. I predict that we will probably get together before the end of the week but I don't know how. I just wish it would happen already!!!. I have to promise myself though, that I won't put myself out there for this guy. No traveling all over the city to try to meet up with him. He's gonna have to do some moving around too.

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