Friday, January 28, 2011

Something NEW!!

Well I started a profile on a dating site and so far I've met two guys. One I'll call Neptune because he's got massive chesticals like the mythical deity Neptune and he has a mustache like Pharrell from the Neptunes. He contacted me first and I liked his pictures, so I responded. His approach was sorta aggressive. He wanted to meet as soon as possible. I hadn't had good schlong in a while and something about his pictures made me think he could give it to me. We quickly went from texting to talking to our first meeting at Buffulo Wild Wings. I was so nervous sitting in the booth with my Margarita and sweet tea, waiting for Neptune to show up. What if he didn't like what he saw? He said he was short, what if he was a midget? Most of his picks were chest up, what if he's had gastric bypass and a massive belly. The anticipation was killing me, but still I knew everything would be fine and that I would be pleased literally later that night. He drove by the window in his black magnum looking for a parking space. I got a glimpse of his profile. He was smaller than I thought. Then I saw him again walking toward the door. He was attractive. Nice smile. Small frame. Dressed in a red and white plaid button down, blue jeans, and black boots. I invited him to sit next to me in the booth. We talked for about an hour and by the end of the night we were talking about wine and night caps and he invited me to his apartment. I said yes. Then he got this look in his eyes like "Damn I'ma give it to this chick good."

I followed Neptune to his apartment. It's a modest place. Not much furnishing. I would expect that for a bachelor, but maybe a little more for a 31 year old one. We sat on the couch to watch TV. He pulled up the radio on the computer, playing some slow jams. He started telling me I was sexy and beautiful and then he went in for a kiss. His lips were soft, his kiss reassuring. He asked me to get up so he could show me around. I followed him from his bedroom to the second bedroom where we started to kiss again. He sarted kissing my neck. I was so into it. His tongue felt so good on my neck. His hands caressed and squeezed my ass. It felt so good, so right. My body needed it and he was ready to give it to me. He laid on his back and I kissed and licked his neck, down to his chest and his stomach. He moaned with every stroke of my wet tongue. Then I took off his boxers. His schlong was a nice size. It fit perfectly in my mouth. I could almost put the whole thing in my mouth before it reached the back of my throat. "You swallowed the whold thing baby." I gave him head for about 10 minutes when he opened up a condom and asked me to climb on. I rode his dick up and down and around. He felt so good inside me I could barely contain myself. I wanted to cry it felt so good.

I got on my back and he started fucking me. He had my legs up and down, closed and spread. It was great. He ended off with my ass hanging off the edge of the bed. When he was about to cum he took off the condom and I got down on my knees and he came all over my mouth.

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